Amplifying WOLF's Presence in the GCC

Amplifying WOLF’s presence in the GCC

Building on its already enviable presence in the virtual social world in the GCC region, WOLF, hosted an exclusive press and influencer event on Thursday 25 August 2022 to showcase the company’s exciting new developments and plans for 2023.

The event was hosted at the recently relaunched ME Hotel Dubai, which provided the perfect cool, exciting and innovative backdrop. Guests heard CEO, Gary Knight, proudly showcase the many entertainment opportunities that WOLF offers its community at the moment, as well as revealing details of the company’s exciting step into VR.

WOLF, which is built specifically for Arabic users, offers a virtual world of social connection and content creation, giving users the possibility to create, host and enjoy entertainment and raw creativity that nurtures good times and friendship amongst its community.

The WOLF live audio entertainment app has already garnered millions of listeners in the Arab region, taking the magic of real-world festivals and entertainment to its community. The members are producers, talk-show hosts, singers, poets and comedians, all using the app to run live and interactive audio shows, metaverse streams and festival events, focusing not just on the entertainment, but also nurturing social connection, friendship and support. The app is basically a place where users can be free to create, connect and have fun 24/7.

Ready to push its boundaries, Gary Knight revealed that next year will see WOLF launch its virtual reality experience, giving users the ability to put on VR headsets and enjoy an enhanced experience of being on stage in its iOS, Android and web apps, seeing other avatars enjoy their talents. Incorporating VR headsets is the natural next step for WOLF as it deepens its offering as a metaverse platform.

Knight highlighted that the incredible creativity that has already been discovered and championed on the WOLF app in the GCC, which was the basis for wanting to give its users another way to showcase their talents through VR headsets, giving the audience a more authentic, realistic and enjoyable experience.

The media attendees at the event witnessed the unveiling of the WOLF VR trailer, and the first demo, which they experienced through the VR headsets, transporting them from the funky surroundings of the ME Dubai Hotel to a virtual metaverse world. They saw themselves entering a 3D festival environment and moving between different types of entertainment venue, experiencing being both the audience and the talent up on stage as a rapper, a DJ, a singer, and more.

The evening also allowed journalists a chance to hear real WOLFStars interviewed live through the app and in 3D metaverse video format. WOLF introduced WOLFStars as a programme to help launch the real-life careers of content creators on the app, transforming them into metaverse stars.

This showcased how WOLF brings together users who run digital venues in WOLF and the talent who perform on their stages, as well as offering performance-based rewards for winning competitions. The aim is for WOLF to discover, promote and support virtual stars who will become real-life stars.

Since its launch in early 2020, WOLF continues to pride itself on responding to what its many users want. After a successful couple of years building an impressive community, WOLF understands that the obvious next step is to strive to give the festival experience another edge, by stepping into the enhanced virtual reality arena, and also continuing to support even more WOLFStars in both 2D and in the metaverse. 

The event allowed the media to see and experience first-hand the incredible journey WOLF is on and the growth it is aiming for. With three million Arab users engaging in WOLF, it’s now about building the content creator experience within the app and continuing to build out the ultimate metaverse platform for live interactive performances and chat with friends.  

How will WOLF achieve it? Watch this space….

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