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British start up “WOLF” brings metaverse experience to the world of social audio

New ‘Showreel’ feature brings unique user generated visual experience to audio creators

British start-up, WOLF (The World’s Online Festival) is entering the metaverse with a creative blend of audio and visual content; transforming listen-only content into 3D cinematic visual events in its latest feature, Showreel.

WOLF allows users to chat, entertain, and perform on a virtual themed stage, whether it be a main stage, a beach or in a studio. The patented Showreel feature is set to revolutionise the app with its ability to take a live audio broadcast and instantly turn it into a visual virtual reality gig.

Nodding to the interoperability of the metaverse, Showreel offers audio content creators a virtual space where humans can share experiences in new ways. Engaging in each other’s work and building upon the creativity of others to generate totally original shared online experiences.

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