Business in the news: Why differentiation will win the social audio race

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Social audio is a hot topic in the world of social networking right now. The combination of innovative user experiences, a global lockdown, and Elon Musk raving about one of the newest audio platforms on the market has accelerated its growth over the past year.

Clubhouse, an invitation-only social audio app where users can communicate in voice chat rooms, has been instrumental in putting the spotlight on audio and has been so successful that it became one of the Apple Store’s most in-demand apps, despite still being in beta phase and exclusive. It sparked a surge of interest in social audio content and now we’re seeing a growing number of platforms, new and old, reacting and trying to capitalise on it.

It’s exciting to see the popularity of audio as a medium, but for there to be enough space for multiple versions of the same thing, brands will need to have a clear value proposition for their users. The progression of video, from YouTube to being synonymous with the majority of social networks, illustrates how a medium is a method to communicate with, rather than an exclusive feature in itself.

Read the full article at BUSINESSINTHENEWS.CO.UK

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