Inspirational Woman in Tech - Huda Aideed

Inspirational woman in tech – Huda Aideed, Content & Engagement Manager

Celebrating women working within Tech, our very own Content & Engagement Manager was recently featured in the Inspirational Woman series by We Are Tech Women.


Huda Aideed joined WOLF in 2022 as a Content and Engagement Manager, having previously worked in the private health sector and B2B exhibitions and events industry. 

Huda shared an overview of her career so far and how she ended up working in the Tech sector.

When asked about what companies can do to progress the careers of women working in technology?

Huda said “I believe it’s more about what women working within the industry can do. We need to be at the forefront, championing gender equality and preventing discrimination in the workplace, especially women in leadership roles. Working together with our male counterparts I think we can break the bias.”

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