Marie Claire Arabia: Yara supports Arab women with WOLF

Translated from the original article HERE.

In celebration of the month that encompasses International Women’s Day, and with the conclusion of the WOLF Alhan Festival, the Lebanese artist Yara appears in an exclusive interview via the WOLF audio chat app at the end of the month.

The talk will be attended by 150 of the app’s users with an opportunity for 50 people to win an invitation to attend the meeting through a competition on WOLF’s social media platforms, where the WOLF Stream feature will be officially launched.

Yara expressed her joy at participating in this talk saying “I’m very happy for the chance to do this interview and to learn more about the WOLF app, as well as interact with its users to celebrate International Women’s Day and encourage Arab women to share their talents with the world.”

It should be noted that the WOLF Alhan festival is the first festival of its kind in the Arab world and the Middle East that highlights the talents of Arab women in the field of singing, poetry, and stand-up comedy, in a safe environment and through an app that rewards them with recognition and awards, in addition to prizes for the audience as well.

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