What it’s really like to launch a brand during a pandemic

When British audio social network app, WOLF (The World’s Online Festival) launched its rebrand last year, the business had no idea what was about to happen. Just weeks after bringing WOLF to market a global pandemic was declared. However, what could have been deemed disastrous timing, wasn’t. The company’s revenue went up by 300%, exceeding expectations, and it has more than doubled its user base. Gary Knight, explains why it became advantageous to the business to rebrand during a pandemic and what’s next for WOLF as the world emerges from lockdown…

The launch of WOLF in February 2020 was a huge moment for our company. We had found ourselves in a unique position where our offering was already diversifying which meant rebranding from online chat community app Palringo, to an audio social network, was a natural evolution of the business.
At the time, the severity of Coronavirus and the impact it was about to have on the entire world wasn’t fully realised, or clear. Had we have known maybe we would have paused the launch. The fear of the unknown, not just in how the market would react but also how our business would perform in a lockdown environment, could have completely changed our strategy.

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