Future of the metaverse: is there one over-arching metaverse?

What is the metaverse and is there one overarching metaverse? Our CEO, Gary Knight recently sat down with the Game Changers team to discuss all things metaverse.


‘Much of the early metaverse experiences have been gaming related and that is likely to continue, however, developments will see the metaverse appeal to wider audiences. People will meet up with friends, colleagues, go to concerts, workout, shop – pretty much everything will be accessible in the metaverse, which is why WOLF’s proposition of a festival platform developed for user generated performance and entertainment, is delivering such a unique offering.’

Read the full article here.

About WOLF:

WOLF (The World’s Online Festival) is a social audio app which builds vibrant audio communities through live entertainment. performances, and chat. The ability to perform and communicate on stage with live audio has also delivered a unique opportunity for creativity and expression.


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