WOLF Qanawat launches partnership with Sowt to enhance user experience

WOLF Qanawat has recently teamed up with podcast creator, Sowt, renowned for delivering innovative and engaging content. The partnership is the latest development within the WOLF Qanawat app to enhance the audio experience for users; a move which seeks to foster collaboration between two dynamic platforms.

With the launch of Qanawat, the focus was on providing a better experience around user generated quality content in various genres. Since July, this resulted in more than 125,000 shows and 6.2 million listeners, mainly through 18 Verified Channels, which have the potential to gain revenue share if they perform strongly enough at set criteria. 

The partnership comes after recent AI and VR developments integrated into the WOLF Qanawat app. 

This exciting collaboration will see Sowt produce a content programme with weekly live exclusive shows that will be hosted first at WOLF, then be available to the public. Users will be able to discuss together, and talk to their favourite podcaster during the programme airing. They’ll also be able to engage via chat. And finally, they can enjoy Sowt’s best streamed podcasts and have the ability to discuss the topics directly with Sowt’s editorial team and podcaster. Creating a unique and immersive experience.

The partnership kicked off at the start of Ramadan, and includes competitions and rewards tied to the podcasts and live shows. The collaborative effort seeks to celebrate the culture of WOLF Qanawat’s audience and share the spirit of Ramadan together, engaging users with compelling and relevant content.

Gary Knight, WOLF Qanawat CEO, says: “We succeed by listening to and collaborating with our users. We invest in understanding what they want. We consistently audit our ‘product-market fit’ and make sure that we, as a business, are offering a product that meets the needs and wants of our users. Our collaboration with Sowt is another example of that mentality.

“Sowt is a trailblazing company celebrated for its exceptional Arabic podcasting content. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with our commitment to delivering unparalleled and immersive experiences for our discerning audience. Together, our mission is to elevate the podcasting landscape to give it increasingly live and interactive experiences, crafting unforgettable moments that resonate deeply within our vibrant community.”

Sowt began to integrate into WOLF Qanawat from March 2024.

Ramsey Tesdell, Sowt CEO, says: “By combining our strengths with the skill and expertise at WOLF Qanawat, we are excited to deliver a programme of engaging content that attracts meaningful interactions with users. This collaboration reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of podcasting and creating valuable experiences for listeners.”

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