Empowering women this International Women’s Day

WOLF – The World’s Online Festival – is a UK tech company operating its core business across the MENA region. Empowering women in the region is a key focus for the business, and to mark this year’s International Women’s Day, WOLF is launching its second women’s entertainment festival.

The ‘Alhan Women’s Talent Festival’ is the first festival of its kind in the Arab world and the Middle East that highlights the talents of MENA women in the fields of singing, poetry, and podcasting, while in a safe environment. 

The festival aims to put a spotlight on MENA women; celebrating the contribution that women in the region can make in a journey of self-discovery as performers and entertainers.

The festival launches on 8 March, International Women’s Day, and runs throughout March in a month-long campaign to celebrate women.

With 58% of WOLF’s users being female and more than half of the business’ MENA workforce being female, WOLF is a beacon that it shows that progression is happening in the region. WOLF is passionate about the advancement, celebration and empowerment of women and wants to play its role in helping to remove parity barriers.

Respectful of the cultural expectations of its users, the premise of WOLF offers women a platform whereby they can express themselves and share their talents with others – activities that can still be out of reach in the real world for many women.

The ‘Alhan Women’s Talent Festival’ provides female singers, poets and podcasters in the region with an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming audio content creation stars. 

Female users are invited to submit an audition for the judging panel to review and shortlist. The shortlisted talents will then battle it out for a user vote before the voting closes on 26 March 2022.

The winner, depending on their category, will win the opportunity to publish their own poetry book, produce their own song or set up industry- leading podcast equipment in their own studio.

In 2021, the WOLF women’s festival attracted almost 1,000 entries and the winners went on to perform on a stage in the app, with Arab superstar singer Yara.

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