WOLF Qanawat launches unique audio entertainment communities

WOLF Qanawat launches unique audio entertainment communities offering for Arabs

MENA-based social networking app WOLF is releasing its refined proposition this month as WOLF Qanawat, offering the biggest and best audio entertainment community Channels in the Arab world.

WOLF Qanawat builds upon the three years since the launch of WOLF, where the app welcomed more than 3 million Arabic consumers to its audio entertainment communities. 

New technologies now enable thousands of users to interact together in real time, while enjoying audio events on WOLF’s unique stages inside its Channels. 

No other app in the Arab world combines quality audio broadcast, live chat and entertaining content creation communities like WOLF Qanawat. 

Not only that, but next month WOLF is set to release WOLF VR – the brand’s Meta Oculus virtual reality experience that takes the friendship, entertainment and engagement that users enjoy in the mobile app and makes it far more immersive. Ahead of future potential apps on mixed-reality devices to follow.

Huge communities interacting together, across multiple devices, with fantastic live entertainment shows full of audience participation, are what has led WOLF to see its users spend an average of at least 2 hours per day in the app and spenders spend an average of $150 each per month.

WOLF Qanawat takes this experience to new levels, and with incredible advances in Artificial Intelligence being built into the platform, it will become the daily online community for more and more millions of Arabic consumers into the future.

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