WOLF Stream: The Story So Far

WOLF Stream: The story so far

Gary Knight, WOLF CEO, shares highlights of the app’s 3D metaverse video feature, WOLF Stream

WOLF Qanawat created a unique way of representing live audio shows as 3D metaverse videos with the launch of its WOLF Stream feature.

In 12 months, WOLF has seen over 77 million views of its WOLF Stream videos streamed across the internet, using the app’s patent-pending technology, Showreel.

Showreel takes 2D audio shows that are performed in the app and transforms them into 3D cinematic metaverse videos which users can stream – in a live format or as recorded content to watch later. 

Here is a highlights reel of some of the best moments created with WOLF Stream so far, recorded within WOLF.

The video includes appearances by Iraqi singer Aseel Hameem, Haitham Rafi from TV talent show Boulevard of Talents, Jordanian singer Nedaa Sharara, WOLF’s Brand Ambassador the singer and model Rawan Bin Hussain, sports commentator Mohammad Adnan, Bahraini rapper Flipperachi and Kuwaiti singer Essa Al Marzouq.

The app’s Showreel technology has revolutionised the app with its ability to take these live audio shows and instantly turn them into visual virtual reality gigs, which takes WOLF on the next step deeper into the metaverse.

The metaverse is the biggest thing to happen online this decade and the possibilities are infinite. WOLF Stream videos are a demonstration of what the app can create and where it can go. Merging audio with 3D cinematic visual events gives WOLF iOS and Android users a shared space to entertain and connect with others in a virtual world.

Showreel was conceived in house by WOLF’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer – Martin Rosinski – in Newcastle, UK. Martin then oversaw the development of its 3D metaverse environments for WOLF Stream videos, from beach festivals to main stages, and from intimate performance studios to chill-out lounges.

A WOLF content creator commented, “WOLF Stream provided me with a beautiful experience, being able to look back at the event and analyse what were the strengths and weaknesses of the show. This enabled me to strengthen the quality of my shows and ensure mistakes do not occur again. It also allows me to keep a memory of all the shows and look back at it!”

And WOLF isn’t stopping here. The next move will be to step inside the videos. While wearing a VR headset such as Oculus Quest 2, users will be able to immerse themselves in a show by walking around WOLF’s festival stages, inside the 3D environment.

WOLF is entering the next phase of the metaverse, which allows it to deliver beyond audio entertainment, but in a way that continues to meet its users’ needs who want to use platforms like WOLF to reinvent themselves with a stage name and digital avatar, rather than their real-world persona.


97 WOLF Stream videos posted on YouTube at the time of writing
370 videos posted online across WOLF and performer social channels
77.2 million views of WOLF Stream videos since launch
See more WOLF Stream videos by checking out WOLF’s Arabic YouTube channel below:

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